Washington Mutual

Ok, up until now Washington Mutual has been great. The online banking always works. The auto bill pays happen on time. You name it, it's been ok.

Now, they didn't just screw up in a small way, they screwed up in a large way.

Tuesday morning I deposited the rent money from my room mates into the ATM at my branch.

The next evening I check my account online and they had deducted the amount I deposited stating there was a key in error. KEY IN ERROR? WTF is that?!? So I call the 24 hour line and they treated me like I was a terrible bother because I was now missing cash I deposited into my account. And it's not like it was a check, it was cash, so even with a receipt, it just says that I keyed in a certain amount nothing more. So potentially, they could screw me out of the deposit. So after explaining this to the rep, who then proceded to talk to me like she didn't care, I gave up and figured speaking to someone local would help.

So this morning I called the local branch and got a young person on the phone who told me they would have to investigate. After explaining that I had no problem with coming to the branch and thermally melting down in their lobby, he hopped to it and started finding out what happened.

I finally got a call back saying that it was an error and that I would be credited the funds. I asked what kind of error and he said "it's to technical to explain to you". Again, WTF? I said try me and he simple said it was human error. I politely asked that no more dee-dee-dee's be allowed to collect funds from the ATM and hung up.

SO I finally got the money credited back to my account.

And the lesson learned here...human error is too technically difficult to explain.


Posted by Ruth on 9/19/2006 2:47:10 PM

I too, Loathe WAMU. They are the anti-christ of Customer Service. Nice free checking and online stuff... but don't ever EVER deal with a person.

Posted by Woody on 9/19/2006 11:34:23 PM

Their customer service is terrible. The only time they were really falling over themselves to service me was when they were talking me into opening the account.