Old Computers.

Old Computers.

Newer Photos.

New - newer photos. The ones below are getting old.

New Photos.

Finally, some new photos.

Brooklyn, Citadel and more.

Pics of Brooklyn, Citadel and Mission Control.

Installing blades.

Installing blades and Sevda installing disks in an array.

Busted in shipping.

Arrived the morning of 1/31/08 and was busted.

Recovered Misc Photos

I had a hard drive fail. These are some photos I restored from it.

More Random

More random pics of things in my house.

Flood 2007

It rained and rained and this is what happened.

Easter 2007

Easter in NH with some Dressers, chickens and Lilly.

Misc Photos 2

Some pics I took in the city.


Some random pics I took at the house.

Super Bowl

JD and I went to watch the Super Bowl.

Old School

Old School Pics featuring Anthonys Mustache

A Night at Hudsons

We work hard. Trust us!

Christmas 2006

Christmas in Maryland / Virginia

Dougy's NY Visit

Dougy comes to NY to visit uncle Woody.

Misc Photos and Pictures

A bunch of things.

Photos of the house

For all those interested, photos of my house.


On the fast track to success, Switch.


Feb / March 2005 stop over in NC.


Mid February NY Snow Fall


A day in the life of ITS.


My sister. I found some photos of her.


These are my crazy friends.


Random around campus shots.

TGI Friday's

Laura Bob came to town, this is what happened.

Band Bash

Band Bash 2006.


My sister Erica and Scott in Cancun 2006.

Typing Papers!

Heather and Kanako attempt to finish their homework.

My nephew Dougy

Some photos of my nephew Dougy.

The Van

The 1984 GMC Vandura Conversion Van.

In His Name

In His Name from back in the day.

Beta Sigma Psi

Various Beta Sigma Psi activities.

Concordia Dinner

Faculty and Staff appreciation dinner.

JYE 2006

Junior Youth Experience 2006.


Phone migration, 1997 to 2006 in 1 day.