Woodrow Dee Holbert

8314 Lakevie Drive, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager:

For this position, you�re seeking a qualified professional with 3 or 4 key ingredients: management, networking, programming, and systems development experience. Am I right? I�ll outline how my background �hits the bull's eye,� so you can easily see I�m the perfect candidate for this job.

First, I possess in-depth experience as a manager and supervisor. My current position, serving as Chief Information Officer, I supervise all aspects of the universities information technology systems which range from digital records, business process workflow development and implementation, digital security and risk management, marketing and branding guides for digital use and, classroom technology development and implementation. I guide my helpdesk and systems administrators to ensure each customer receives top-quality service and is given the support needed � whether it applies to PC support, networking, programming, or data communications. My management experience stems from the late 1990�s and progresses throughout my career � up to current positions with Concordia University � Ann Arbor.

Second, you�ll be looking for a developer. Programming is becoming an essential part of systems administration. Automation and Integration of processes is generally achieved through some type of coding. This has been one of my specialties over the last 15 years and would prove an excellent asset in streamlining systems and making workflows more productive.

Third, you�re seeking a candidate with intricate knowledge of technical operations. Mentioned above, I serve as CIO and in this role I am responsible for the architecture and successful deployment of campus technologies. Whether managing the team, or handling internal administrative processes, I possess extensive knowledge and I�ve done a great job overseeing a technical operation in an academic environment.

Matching up with these ingredients, I believe I would be a perfect match for this position.

To discuss my qualifications further, or to answer questions, please feel free to call me at (734)-478-9182. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

Thanks for giving my request your consideration.


Woodrow Dee Holbert