When I'm Asleep

When I'm asleep,
I don't hurt,
I don't long,
I don't feel alone and removed from the world.

The peace that comes in dreams.

In feeling that you belong,
and aren't in the way.
Where the ones who claim to love you really
do and are there for you.

Oh how I wish I could sleep, and never wake up,
to slumber and fade away from existence.
To slip quietly into the darkness and let
the world continue on as if I were never there.

Perhaps then, when and if I obtain this,
there will be peace for me.

A solitary peace, no one will know about.


Posted by Anonymous on 2/2/2007 3:25:19 PM

I wish you well... However, you sound like you want to die.... life is too short. Enjoy it while it last.

Posted by Woody on 2/2/2007 4:18:38 PM

It's a poem. Relax.