A year ago

IT was a year ago that I was packing to move to MI.

Trying to get the dirty russian to understand I was really leaving and I couldn't be bought out.

Riding the J train for the last time.

Smelling the J train for the last time.

It's Wednesday

Hump day. Midweek. *sigh*

Where has the summer gone?

Kids come back Friday.

I want a vacation.

Or Burger King.

That would work too.


Oh Monday.

Why can't you be more like Friday, or even Thursday. I'd take that over what you are already.

But then Tuesday becomes the new Monday and a vicious cycle of Monday shifting begins.



Ok, so I should write something I suppose...

Well, I haven't written anything in a while. Life's been busy.

I just got Casey's WordPress server up and running.

Now back to all the pre-semester starting tasks that need to be completed.