My friend Jessi came up Friday night and then insisted I go with her to Six Flags the next day. So we took the train down to Harlem at 11:30pm Friday night. We get off the train and the cabs are lined up outside. Some crazy dude was asking where we were going. He was right by the cab so we told him then he proceeded to relay this information to the cab driver. We start to get in the cab and the cab driver tell us that this guy doesn't work for the cab company. What the heck? Now this guy is asking me for money and I'm like, services rendered under false pretenses means I don't pay you anything.

So we finally get back to Jessi's apartment and sleep.

Up early Saturday morning. and on the subway to Port Authority. We meet up with her friend Lamont and wait for her friend Rose Marie to show up. This girl has never been on time for anything as long as I can remember.

So, we ride the bus to Six Flags, which took every back road that made the ride longer than it needed to be.

We walked around, stood in line and I got burned. Not slightly, but lobster burned.

All day Sunday my face hurt. Like I had washed it with sand paper. Awesome.


I'm feeling depressed. I don't know why. I don't feel like myself. I smile and pretend when I speak to others, but I feel this heavy sadness over me that I can't get to leave. It consumes me at night keeping sleep at bay. It tears at me during the day while I'm trying to keep the happy side to everyone.

Maybe I'm losing my mind. Maybe I'm mental.

I suppose questioning ones sanity is a check point that says you are still sane. But usually this check point comes after feeling a certain way. I don't seem to be able to look at myself from the outside until after I've gone through feeling really terrible.

I just wish the feeling of wanting to disappear would go away. I find myself all to often lately wishing I could just fade into the back ground and everyone would forget about me. That I could just fall alseep and dream forever.

One Week

Well it's been one week here at the new place. It's alot more comfortable than Ward House. No leaky ceilings, no busted floors, no busted toilets.

The central A/C is amazing. I love it. I would marry it if I could. Well, no. I suppose I really wouldn't. But I still like it.

Most of the Cablevision mess is sorted out and life is on track.

I'm going to gt back to playing Super Mario 3. Old school games rule.


I'm not going to lie, they suck. They have the worst customer support and installation service in the entire universe. Yes, the entire universe.

Here's a few example of their poor service.

  • The technician installing my service ran about 50 more feet of co-ax cable than needed. Not only did this slow up my internet service, but it also confused the hell out of me as the flow of cable made no logical sense.

  • The technician also left a mess in my home. Cut ends, strippings of rubber, staples and empty equipment boxes.

  • The technician did not complete the work order as written. The work order specified the installation of a DVR and to use the exisiting co-ax installation. Neither of which were followed.

  • The customer support line I contacted was less than helpful or empathetic to my situation. The manager I was eventually escalated to was also very rude.

  • The technician who was scheduled by the support manager to come the next day and install the DVR between 2pm and 5pm called my cell phone during a meeting at 7:23pm to tell me she was running behind. And then never bothered to knock on the door of my apartment. A rep called (during the same meeting) and left a message that no one was home and I would have to reschedule installation of the DVR. My roommate was home the entire time and never left.

  • Because a technician had to come to my home again, my account went into a change status and prevented me from updating my cable modem to allow incoming web traffic. This kept this lovely site of mine in the dark for more hours than it should have.

    So where does this leave me....

    Pissed off with no DVR. I am about to call them again.

    What ever happened to "the customer is always right" and making sure the customer is happy? If I wanted to be treated like dirt and serviced poorly I would go to McDonalds.


    Well, we're here at the new place. Everything is coming together and I've got the website back online.

    More later, I'm tired.