Man, moving is a hassel and a half. Besides just moving the stuff, you need to tranfer utilities and such to your new residence.

Called Cablevision at 6:04pm figuring a service transfer was a fairly common thing. Call ended: 7:22pm. Wow, what an ordeal. But I suppose it was good. Not only will I transfer the services that I had, but I will get a DVR and a phone line as well. Hurray.

So this web site shouldn't be down for more than a day or so since the service installation at the new place is scheduled for Monday. Please bear with me as I get things back up and running.

Pocket PC

Well, I have this pocket PC and today I was wondering what exactly it is that I do with this device? Well, lets make a list:

  • Play solitaire
  • Check for open WiFi signals
  • Play solitaire
  • Make grovery lists
  • Play solitaire
  • Pseudo MP3 player
  • Play solitaire
  • Did I mention solitaire???

    So, after careful review of this list, I should be great at solitaire. But I'm not. In fact I'm quite terrible. On the plus side, I found a Nintendo emulator for it. Maybe I'll play Super Mario Brothers instead of solitaire one day.

    Well, I'm going to go to bed. Going to make a heroic effort to try to beat some traffic on the way to work tomorrow morning. That's right, heroic.

    I got a new Jorb

    Well, I got a new job. There's training, policies and things that make sense. Wow. Who would have thought of that?

    I got a window view so, things are kind of good.

    Moving this weekend. Not so much fun.

    My friends think of me

    My friends think of me, even while intoxicated.

    A couple of them went into the city last night to celebrate a birthday. While they were out they came across this sign and had to snap a picture. Here it is for all of you to see:

    Thanks guys!

    Email, Rain and Lightning, OH MY.

    E-Mail Update: THERE IS NO EMAIL! Hostway has not restored their storage array yet.

    Rain Update: Yes, it's raining. Alot. Cats, dogs, frogs, whatever you like, it's falling from the sky.

    Lightning Update: Yes, there's lots of that too. Some very close to the house. You know what this means, all those cats, dogs and frogs falling from the sky are landing well done.

    Email in exile

    About 5:20pm today, the back end storage arrays at Hostway went down. My email is in exile until they resolve their issues.

    My woodyholbert email is my life line to jobs, sales, music, everything!!! I'm almost crippled with out my email.

    O, email, how I will lament thy leaving and will rejoice in thine return to full functionality.

    Power Outages

    Yesterday evening about 5:30pm, everything from Concordia Place up through the CVS / Exxon in Eastchester went dark. Why? No one knows. No downed trees were seen, no storms were upon us at that time. It didn't even flicker, it just went out.

    Well, it's 90 some degrees outside and with the A/C off this means the house is going to get hotter than hell real quick.

    Gary (room mate on the second floor) and I decide better to go out and get something to eat than to sit and sweat it out in the dark.

    So we hit up both Best Buys on Central Ave then head to Mickey Spillianes. We hung out at the bar for a little while and then Bill comes in (room mate on the first floor). So we were there until 11:30pm. We head back and sure enough... the power is still out.

    So, up the stairs yet again by the light of the LCD on cell phones. But this time the candles stayed lit for a while. And it was hotter than hell on the 3rd floor, even with all the windows open.

    Finally the power came back on in the wee hours of the morning and I set the fans up in the windows pumping the hot air out and turned the A/C on.

    I wonder how many more times the power will go out here? It seems to happen about once a week.

    Could it get any hotter?

    I know I shouldn't ask questions like that, but for real, how hot is it going to get?

    I'm glad I'm not living in the 1800s. While they did have cool looking outfits, explored the country and all that, the temp and humidity would have killed me. I suppose I am a product of my technological environment.

    Hurry for technology.

    Arrrr, I want me seven dollars back

    Last night we all went to see the second Pirates of the Caribbean. The only word I can muster to describe how I felt when I left the theater: dissapointed.

    Jack Sparrow was a back stabbing jerk instead of the light hearted petty criminal he was in the first film. It made his character very unappealing to root for like we all did in the first film.

    The movement of the movie was slower also. The pace of the first movie was alot quicker and more entertaining.

    The CG in some scenes seemed a little fake and made for an un-realistic environment.

    Arrr matey, can I get me seven pieces of gold back?

    JD is in town

    Well, JD is in town and this means the premire of the new season of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis is tomorrow.

    Dork central is in full effect. Recognize.

    Ring tones : $2.49

    Ok, so until yesterday, I have been in the dark ages of cell phone technology. But I got a new phone with a new plan and now I have all these features and options at my disposal. Ringtones, text and pic messeging, calendars, and I even think a kitchen sink.

    So, I get my contacts in it, take a cool pic to use as a back ground and then, I need a cool ringtone, right?

    So, I load the get ringtone app and browse. I found something I liked, but then to buy one, $2.49. What the heck? $2.49 for a 10 second clip of a song? What a racket. Just so you all know, Sony Music Box is a rip off.

    $2.49. I could buy the whole song from iTunes or Napster for less. I could get 2 cheesburgers from McDonalds. Or 2 McChickens.

    $2.49 Yeah, that's 3 donuts at the D and D.

    Power, interviews, candles and cellphones

    This morning lightning struck a power pole about 2 blocks up from my house. It was a loud bang and the house shook. I go outside and the pole is on fire.


    Then the power goes out.

    Not cool.

    So I head out about 3:00 for an interview in Elmsford.

    After being there for almost 3 hours, (which isn't bad, I hope they like me enough to employ me), I head home.

    I pulled up to my house and the power was still out, so I decided to go get dinner. While I was out eating the guy who I'm renting a new apartment from starting next month called and said he was available to sign the lease and take the deposit. So I go take care of that and finally head home again. I'm driving down the road and all the houses are still pitch black. I keep driving past my place and onto CVS to buy some candles.

    Home again and up the stairs I go by the light of the LCD on my cell phone. I pulled the candles out of the bag, light the wick of the first one and no sooner did I set it on the table, the power comes back on.

    Figures, right?

    Finally did it

    Well, I finally did it. I put a CD with demo material in the envelope along with a quick bio of everyone who sings / plays on the tracks I selected. The envelope will be heading to Rocketown Records, the recording company started by Michael W. Smith. Hopefully it will get heard, hopefully someone will like it, hopefully Sarah, Heather, Chris and I can make a living with our passion for music. It would be great to really be able to fine tune what God is inspiring us to pen and record.

    Finally, something new

    Well, here it is. Something new to listen to. It's still rough, but what the heck, right?
    SongMP3Flash Player
    Glory to the One AboveListen Listen
        featuring Sarah Bell

    Woody is my friend!

    This is Sarah Bell. Woody is my friend. That is all.


    Start of another month

    Well, it's the start of another month. So many changes, so much to do.

    Well, back to work.