Added some more stuff

Added like and subscribe options from the book face.

Also added a comment plug in to post comments directly to my book face wall.

Well, it's been a while

I thought I would kick the dust off the site. Update some things, kill off some stale items.

Since the social media boom, this site has become less and less traveled by…me.

So, I'm going to start coming home more often.

I've added links to all my major social media interests for those that wish to follow (stalk).

I did some minor enhancements such as I finally pulled all the navigational conent into an include file and it's loaded on a per page basis now. Most might not care, but now I only have to update navigational and header links in one spot and not every page of the site.

I also added some extra security when posting comments. You have to type the text in the image file in order post. Too many bots nailed me whilst I was absent.

Until next time.