Finally went to Foleys

After a long day of nothing Laura Bob calls me up and tells me she's going to Al Freys new bar. So, I go along and finally get to check the joint out. It's pretty nice.

Katie started in on Ant about travel plans for JD's wedding. I felt bad because I was the one who started the conversation.

So then we all leave around 12:30am and head back south. I was asked if I wanted to come over and was told Amanda was there. I said something about it, got grief, then made the excuse that I had to work in the morning. I don't know, I want to see her and I don't. But I was half in the bag so it's a good thing I didn't see her.

Band Bash and Recitals

Well, today was band bash. The yearly event for making noise and annoying the neighbors. I ran sound all day for the event. Set up was a pain in the ass ( as it always is.) I was also let down by the number of bands there were. Steves group was good and Post Bliss was excellent, but the rest were...well...not.

Now, just to add to being outside with allergies, in the sun and my ears throbbing, it doesn't help when someone approaches me in a hostile manner. How do you expect me to react when you come at me in a threatning manner expecting me to do something that I can't do. I could have let it go at that...but our students have a way of repeating everything thing they hear, and I heard some other things this hostile person decided to put out about me earlier... NOT COOL. Oh well, you're not invited to my next party.

Now immediately after band bash, there was Maria's recital and then the student recital. Maria did well, she has grown alot in 3 years. But the student recital and people who just never seem to get it... So the ex gf gets up to play a piece which I've heard her practicing in the music building over and over and never growing, never becoming expressive, never letting it be a piece of art but simply something to be plunked away like typing in notes on a computer. So she sits down, and then takes her sandal off. Yup, takes her sandal off in front of everyone. I about about fell on the floor I was going to laugh so hard. Then she played and screwed up. Lord. Why bother? Use the activity fee and take pottery or something.

Amanda was also there. She said hello a couple of times and I smiled back and waived or something. I feel really odd about her being around. I'm still kind of jaded because of how things went down when she left town.

After the recital it was a nice trip to BestBuy for some movies, KFC for some dinner then home to make excellent use of my couch and TV.