I went skiing with JD and his brother Tim this weekend. We headed up to NH Friday evening. Saturday morning we get up bright and early and out to Pat’s Peak.

First thing we do is pay for our lift tickets and rentals. We then head down the hall to get boots. Not so hard. They ask you your shoe size and supply the appropriate ski boot.

So, I start to place my right foot in the ski boot I had just gotten and it feels a little tight. I check to make sure all the latches are loose and they are. So I try a little pressure to get it on and wham…my foot is stuck half way in this boot. JD tries to pull it off and can’t. Then this little high school girl who works there, smiling with a mouth full of braces asks if I need help. Ok, sure, I can’t get the boot off. So she tries to pull it off. No go. Next thing you know, there are 3 employees there yanking on my boot while I’m lying back holding onto the bench. People are starting to stare. So finally, the damn boot pops off. Apparently the bottoms of my legs are too fat and I need an “extended” boot.

So finally I get boots that fit and we’re on our way.

We do the bunny slope a few times, getting our ski legs on and figuring out how to stop. (Pizza, French fries…)

We head up to the first green circle slope. We start down and there is one wicked turn / drop at the beginning and Tim wipes out on it. No big deal. I spilled during the first run as well. We do the green circles a couple more times. All the green square trails have large signs that say “FAMILY ZONE: SLOW”. Tim fell down once and a bunch of snow boarders went flying by him and he decided to yell out to them to SLOW DOWN, THIS IS A FAMILY ZONE. Needless to say “THIS IS A FAMILY ZONE” was repeated at a ridiculous level for the rest of the day by all of us.

On one of these easy trails, there were some bumps set up for snow boarders. Tim decided to go over one and makes it. Now, the way he would have you believe it is that it was a huge jump when in reality; it was a bump about as big as my butt.

We eat lunch and decide to try a blue square trail. Big mistake. The drop on the trail was too much for Tim and I. Tim ended up near the woods in 3 feet of snow. I spilled in the middle of the trail with profanities spewing forth from my lips. Afterwards we stick to the green trails. JD makes mention that he hasn’t fallen down once while we were on the lift. So at the top, I apparently shoved him and he spilled at the top of the lift. I don’t remember doing that. I just turned around and there he was on the ground.

While going down the trail, I hit some ice and got up more speed than I wanted. JD was in front of me and I yelled “Move!!” He looked to the right. I yelled “MOVE!” again. He looked to the left. By then it was too late. I caught him on his left hand side and the next thing I know, I’m flipping over and stopping myself from sliding down farther with my face. After getting up, Tim points out the impression of my face in the snow and ice.

We then headed home and passed out for a few hours, watched TV and then turned in for the night.

Sunday we headed out to get hair cuts. Now, to let you all know what happened the last time JD and I went to the SuperCuts in Keene around thanks giving; there was nothing but hot women working there except for one ugly one. JD kept saying “I hope I don’t get the ugly one…” Guess what happened. He got the ugly one. HAHA!

So JD, Tim and I walk into the SuperCuts and wait to get called. Of course, fate would have it, the ugly one calls me.

We headed back to NY Sunday evening to make it back in time for Rome and Battlestar Galactica.

When I'm Asleep

When I'm asleep,
I don't hurt,
I don't long,
I don't feel alone and removed from the world.

The peace that comes in dreams.

In feeling that you belong,
and aren't in the way.
Where the ones who claim to love you really
do and are there for you.

Oh how I wish I could sleep, and never wake up,
to slumber and fade away from existence.
To slip quietly into the darkness and let
the world continue on as if I were never there.

Perhaps then, when and if I obtain this,
there will be peace for me.

A solitary peace, no one will know about.