Remember the Pizzabox

Did you attend Concordia College about 5 years ago? If you did, you probably remember the Pizzabox.

You mean something that had pizza in it?

Why no, I mean the 1U server I had running in my dorm room named PIZZABOX.

Running an early version of blogging software I had written, it was the electronic focus of attention on campus for a year. People loved it, people hated it. Either way, people felt compelled to sit down at a computer, open a web browser and type in http://pizzabox/.

From blogs, notes for class to music for choir, I put it all up there. Even a stunning photo of Matthew Hauser ran front page for a week.

So tonight, I sit back and remember the pizzabox. Thanks to all of you who loved and still visit my site on the web today. For those that didn't, I know you still look at my page! ;)