Adventures in Vintage Computing Part 4

So, the restoration of the Televideo 925 continues. The keyboard is restored to it's original coloring. Now I need to bathe the monitor casing in the "solution" to finish her off.

I purchased a new Plus Hard Card 20 for the Zenith / Heathkit computer and it's up and running happily. I supposed I need to decide how vintage I want to keep it. DOS 2.0 or take it all the way to 6.22? It will have WordPerfect 5.1 and Lotus 123 installed for sure.

At the end of January all of my vintage computer equipment will be on display at the Kreft Center Gallery at Concordia University Ann Arbor for a couple weeks. They'll be an opening and I'll give a talk about computing history and such. All of my various systems will be laid out around the gallery with a timeline. The neat part is all functioning equipment will be available to sit down and play with.

I'll have a firm date posted here soon.