Happy Birthday to me.

Well, I'll be 33 tomorrow.

I know, it's depressing me too.

Having birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel. Fitting eh?

So, what's new? Not much. The new cat has adjusted well. The dynamic duo of stupid now have a boyfriend to share.

I do know now that the lady at the front desk of the Ypsi animal clinic is straight up insane. Like, scared me and made me want out of the building insane.

The trip to NY for xmas was fun. Worked with Steve in the Bronx. Played a show with the band. Met Caseys family. Had an over all good time.

Work is well, work. That's about all that's going on there. OH, but we did get the Mario Brothers wall graphics up. Yes. That's awesome.

I have a new blackberry. Casey got my old one. I love it and that Wilson brother claiming you cant browse and talk at the same time with Verizon is full of it. Just plain full of it. I talk, browse and look stuff up at the same time all the time.

Anywho, ra ra ra, buffalo breath.