US Postal Service or a lack there of

So, I decided recently to bid on a vintage computer on eBay. I won the auction, paid my payment via PayPal and was told item was shipping.

Today, I received the monitor for the computer. As I opened it up, I noticed chunks of the casing busted, so I had someone grab a camera and take pictures as I took it out of the box.

It looked like someone had beaten it with a baseball bat.
Called the seller and they told me to file an insurance claim at the Post Office.


Ok, so now I have to haul this busted computer monitor from 1981 (which means its heavy) to the Post Office.

I look online and find the nearest one and head out.
I get there, and stand in line for a solid half hour. Then I get up to
the counter and tell the clerk I need to file and insurance claim. She tells me to go stand out in the center and wait for Barbara. I wait, behind people getting refunds from the busted stamp machine.

Barbara: What do you need?

Me: I need to file an insurance claim.

Barbara: Usually the supervisor does that.

Me: O...KÖwhere is the supervisor.

Barbara: We donít know where she is.

Me: OÖKÖDid she not come in today or is she at lunch?

Barbara: We donít know.

Me: Alright, whoís in charge when the supervisor isnít here?

Barbara: I assist the supervisor.

Me: Does that mean youíre in charge here right now?

Barbara: I work with the supervisor.

Me: I see. Youíve answered my question without really answering it.

Barbara: They can help you at Church Street.

Me: Perhaps, and I donít want to sound lazy here or anything, but this box isnít light and Church Street is a half mile away.

Barbara: Only the supervisor can do insurance claims.

Me: What is the name of the supervisor?

Barbara: Langhorn, like longhorn but lang.

Me: Ok, is this a MR or a MRS?

Barbara: Miss.

Me: Alright then.

I left, came back to my office and call USPS customer service and
filed a complaint against the Hanover Street office, not that I hate Barbara, or even Ms. Langhorn, but for the fact that they provided poor customer service, were rude and incapable of handling the full operations of their office.

So, now Iím back here, face with the fact that I will have to walk the half mile to the next Post Office this evening in order to get this resolved.

USPS should be privatize and restructured because the government canít seem to even get mail right these days.

I hope I donít get water boarded for saying that.

Something to think about

I had an interesting train ride home. More on that tomorrow when I'm not exhausted.

But for now, some advice imparted to me by a wise chap on the train.

"Water around the stone."

Food for thought.