Humanity and hope

So yesterday Iím on my way to work and I hear a news report of a 28 year old girl who was murdered when she tried to break up a fight between her two friends that started over a card game they were playing.

First, it made me sad that this girl, who was a single mother, had he life taken away from her because of rage directed at someone else. But then I began to think about what drives a person to killing someone so casually in a situation like that. Someone drew a knife on another person over a card game. It appalled me that someone could actually want to kill someone over a game. Something that was supposed to be relaxing, entertaining and fun. What kind of mental state does someone like that have to be in to get them to believe that pulling a knife and killing someone over a card game was perfectly alright?

So the rage, the anger and violence like so many other times in history falls upon someone innocent; someone who was simply trying to make things better for those around them.

Itís when things like this happen that you wonder if there is any good left in the world. If there is anything worth fighting for. If there is anything worth believing in.

Iíd like to believe that humanityís going to come around. That the world will change into a place where people arenít killed over a card game or any other reason for that matter. Where people donít needlessly starve, where people are given a chance to become something and shine.

New years and such.

Well, new years eve was kind of lame. The bar was a hot dog fest and it got old very quick.

New years day was quiet. Went to see "The Good Sheperd" that evening. It was actually a good movie, a little long but good.